Leveraging Social Media for your Business… And Your Clients! Part 3

social_media_stock2Find out if Pinterest users are pinning your content

Want to know if content from your business is already on Pinterest? A good trick is to type the following into your browser’s address bar:


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Don’t just push your own content

No one likes a self-obsessed egomaniac (I know, it’s hard to believe), so in addition to posting content about your business, also discuss other relevant issues, businesses, brands, or ideas – anything that makes you excited. This tip relates directly to the previous one. People who are passionate about a wide range of subjects are interesting, and interesting people attract followers. Trickle little bits of your passion into your social media presence, maybe one in every ten posts or so. Skip potentially controversial subjects (politics, religion, money), but share whatever it is that ignites your enthusiasm.

Keep a fresh stash of photos and images

Do post photos and refresh images across all your social media accounts – except the profile picture, which should be constant for at least a year at a time. Keep a stash of photos from your work environment, the people in your small business, outings that spark your entrepreneurial creativity, prototypes of the goods you sell, whatever. Reserve these photos and share them intermittently, rather than vomit them at your followers all at once. When you save the photos, name them intelligently so that it’s easy to post them later and add the right caption.

Daisy-chain updates

If a social media aggregator app sounds like it’s more than you need, an alternative way to manage multiple updates is to daisy-chain various social networking sites together. Most people know that you can set up Twitter and Facebook so that all your posts to one of those accounts appear on the other. You can daisy-chain multiple services in this way, for example, Google+ to Twitter to Facebook . But another way to achieve the same goal (but with more control over what exactly you chain together) is to use a free service called IFTTT, which stands for “If this, then that.” For example, you can set up a rule that says, “If I post to Twitter, then also post the same thing to Facebook.” You don’t have to know a lick of code to use IFTTT, either. It’s very simple.


Always add descriptions, captions, comments

When you share links, photos, and videos, diligently add a description, caption, or comment. Repeatedly posting without those descriptions is a clear indication to your followers that you’re not thinking about what you post. You’re just barfing spam at them. In addition, when a user comments on your content, acknowledge them. This doesn’t mean you always have to have the last word, however. A simple “like” or reply of “thanks” can go a long way towards nurturing a good relationship with your audience.

Lock down tweets to 100 characters

Twitter gives you 140 characters to use in a tweet, but you’ll get more mileage out of tweets that are only 100 characters long. Shea Bennet, co-editor of AllTwitter.com, advises that ideally you need to reserve 40 characters so that other people who retweet your content can add their own comments or a link. It’s a very good point to bear in mind, even if it does mean that you have to be even more concise.

That’s your lot, at least for now. But if you have your own indispensable tip regarding using social media for business, please do share it in the comments section below.


Who would have thought Mr Dannijo would be back in such a good way?! #EVERYBODY #eyespy #MRDANNIJO @manrepeller @danielleasnyder @jodielynns #putaneyeonit

A picture is worth a thousand words — photos drive twice as much engagement as text posts do on Facebook. So if you’re looking to attract some new fans, start snapping pics. — not just promotional imagery of your products or services, but images that relate to pop-culture

Host a Competition

Nothing gets customers going like some swag, so contests are a great way to boost your followers and engagement. But be strategic about what you’re offering, or else you could attract the wrong followers.

ModCloth hosts monthly photo contests that garner hundreds of entries and thousands of votes. “Our most recent contest, Thrifted Treasures, asked our fans to share their favorite vintage finds, and our community could vote up their favorites,” explains Natasha Khan, ModCloth’s social media manager. “The social actions surrounding that event brought in thousands of new fans, which we otherwise would not have gained.”

Contests and offers have had a high impact customer generation for millions of businesses.  Here’s a few tips from a recent case study: First, build in actions that allow the fan to share to their social networks, as this will increase virality. Second, stay true to your brand. Third, tweak the contest to fit the platform on which you’re running it — “On Facebook that means sharing photography, on Twitter it means wordplay hashtags, and for Polyvore it means styling outfits,”

“Quality is more important than quantity when it comes to Facebook fan growth. If your company product is clothing and your prize is free iPads, then you will gain followers that might not belong to your core demographic. Make sure the reward is something your customer will value, such as a gift card or grab bag of your products,”

. Let Your Customers Shine


Nothing makes a customer feel better than being acknowledged — or better yet, honored — by their favorite brand. Is there a way to offer kudos to your loyal fans? If so, make it happen.

Make them feel special for being members.  This gives you a way to say ‘thanks’ to those who always post about you, and it gives them something to talk about with their friends — online and off.”

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There you have the top lead generation methods using social media. Today, social media isn’t  considered an option but an essential to any business. When it comes to lead generation, social media is undoubtedly a dominating force you could consider. Last advice: Never rush on social media marketing but plan to gain leads, develop and keep an audience, and sell just about anything to people whom you gained trust from. Use the right resources. Do research. Put all sales response in action. Harness the power of social media to your advantage and profit in the process.




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