4 Super Awesome Residual Income Ideas for an Offline Marketer

income-streams-money-treeHere’s 4 quick ways you can earn residual income as an offline consultant.

1.  Rent a site model – If you already offer web design, this would be an easy transition.  You could find a few industries you like, create some “templates” that you could use again & again, with minor changes.  Charge $50-$100 per month to rent it out & customize it.

2. Social Media – There is a HUGE demand for this service, especially social media management on the cheap.  All you need is to come up with 1-2 engaging posts per day for 1 month (totalling 30-60 short posts) and then use a tool like hoot-suite to automate the posting each day.   I’ve got many clients paying $100-200 per month just for this service, and it’s SUPER easy and clients find a lot of value in this.

3. SEO – But, unless you know what you’re doing, or willing to outsource it to a reliable SEO service I wouldn’t advise this.  You need to be able to produce results for your clients, or you will put your reputation on the line.  But the good thing is you can charge a pretty good money for this service, as long as you deliver on results.

4. Provide blog management.  Most website owners KNOW that blogging is good for their business, but that doesn’t mean they want to actually write content for it.   You can easily make $50-$100 each month by having a few articles written & upload them to their blog.

Hope this helps!


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