5 Email Marketing Tips You Should Implement Now

Five-Simple-Ways-to-Integrate-Email-Marketing-and-FacebookEmail marketing is pretty much the number one way (yes beating out Facebook) to connect with your customers without having to spend a whole lot of money. Newsletters are the the best way to get clicks & sales to your pages. Here are 5 email marketing tips start implementing right now.

Make subscribing easy – Create a form for sign up on your home page, Facebook page, and in the sidebar of every page on your blog or website.  Lots of marketers will tell you to get their name & email.  But honestly, the BEST Marketers – the ones making 7 figures will tell you the less info you need the better.  I’ve found that to be true,  my optin rates are best when you have the least amount of steps to take. And trust me,  your conversion rate won’t suffer just because you don’t refer to them like a buddy you’ve known for years.  Subscribers know that you don’t know them from Adam, or Jane or Jose for that matter.  So don’t worry – you won’t offend anyone by not referring to them by name in your emails.

Let your subscribers know what they can expect from you – What will you be sending? Newsletters ? Deals? Weekly tips? Briefly let them know what kind of stuff they can expect from you.  Whether it’s marketing tips, bonus content,  product reviews, PLR etc.  If they have an idea on what they can expect before they open it, subscribers will be more likely to click on it.

Send out an email to welcome your subscribers – Sending out a welcome email lets the subscriber know what to expect, reminds them why they are on the list and will help them remember who you are when you follow up later.  Let them know that there’s good things to come and even give new subscribers a special offer or unexpected bonus content.

Make sure your content relates to your list – You always want to be touching base with your list, at least 3 or 4 times a week.  Sometimes more depending on what you have going on.  But make sure that what you send out is useful to who your sending it to.  Sending a weight loss PLR offer to a Facebook list wouldn’t do anyone much good.  Your list won’t be responsive – other than to hit the unsubscribe link at the bottom of that email.

Send subscribers the type of content that you want –Wouldn’t it be great, if you could get awesome resources, and IM tools that you could actually use delivered to your email everyday?  Yeah?  Well then BE THAT GUY for your subscribers!  I am subscribed to a LOT of IM lists, some are good, some are bad but the one thing I know is that I open the emails from people that send me useful stuff, not just affiliate products.  The universal saying “give and you’ll receive” is very true in this case.

Email marketing remains one of the leading ways to grow your customer base, for whatever niche you are in.  Developing your list is one of the best things you can do to raise your passive income level each month.  You first bring visitors on board because you offer them something they find value in and then you can sell them something.  Continue to provide value and then sell some more.  Rinse & Repeat!


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