Free Google Adwords Coupons….Hell Yeah!

adwordsNow, first off let me say…. I am probably the last person to recommend using Google Adwords, mainly because it’s way too expensive for most small businesses.  It’s not bad traffic, it actually can be really good.  But I still think your money is better spent other ways. Except when it’s free.

If you are new to Adwords, you can get some seriously good deals when you signup as a new advertiser.  You can get $75-$100 in free advertising depending on the coupon or voucher

Free $75 / $100 AdWords Coupons

If you are just starting out on AdWords, here are free AdWords coupon offers from Google that you can use as a new advertiser. You can save up to $100 or $75 on AdWords advertising depending on what coupon or voucher offers are live.

$100 credit after you spend $25 (Verified: 10/13/2013)

$100 credit after you spend $25 (Verified: 10/13/2013)

$75 credit after you spend $25 (Verified: 10/2/2013)

$75 credit after you spend $25 (Verified: 10/13/2013

If none of the coupons I listed above work for free AdWords advertising by the time you click (sorry about that late-ass lol)…  Just call Google AdWords at 877-906-7955 and ask.

The folks at Google are really friendly, and most likely will simply give you the $100 AdWords credit if you say something like, ‘Hey I heard that there is a $100 starter credit for new advertisers. How can I get that?’   The bottom line?  You don’t ask; you don’t get. So just call Google and ask for a free voucher or credit. More often then not, you’ll get that free advertising!

Keep in mind, you can only have 1 adwords account per business, but you can have many “businesses” – Big Wink – which can lead to a lot of free – totally legit – targeted traffic.

Call 877-906-7955 (USA Only)


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