How to Convey the Value of Social Media Marketing Services to Small Business

Social media has become one of the most powerful marketing tools nowadays, due to its huge potential of making even small companies known. However, not all business owners are aware of the potential of social media marketing, and IM consultants are sometimes faced with quite a challenge when trying to convince them of the real value of such services.

Here are a few tips to help you convey the potential of social media marketing to small businesses.

Let them know how much more affordable SMM is than traditional advertising

Small business owners don’t usually have a very large budget allocated for marketing. So one of the most important things you should let your potential client know is how much more affordable SMM is compared to traditional advertising. Explain to them that, while a TV campaign can cost them $100,000 only for the production stage, for a fraction of the price, SMM can reach a larger audience – most importantly, a better targeted audience.

Don’t Bore Them with Technicalities

Although many small business owners are up to date with the trends and know a few things about internet marketing and SEO, what you must focus on when talking to them are the end benefits: potential customers and ROI. So, don’t go on and on about how SMM can increase their number of backlinks or how it affects SERP rankings, unless you are specifically asked about such details.

You Need Facts and Numbers

No matter how good you are at making a point, to successfully convey the value of Social Media marketing services to small business owners, you need to show them facts and numbers. Here are just a few examples of statistics that can be very convincing:

  • A recent Social Media Exterminer study reports that 62% of small businesses (10 employees or fewer)  that had employed SMM agree that it has reduced their marketing expenses
  • The same study showed that, with only 6 hours/week invested in SMM, 78% of participants have noticed a considerable increase in website traffic
  • Hubspot’s annual IM Report states that SMM produces almost twice as many leads as telemarketing, trade shows, direct mail or PPC.

And these are just a few examples. You can find numerous statistics to back up your claims.

To keep this short, remember to follow the tips above, and both you and the small business owners will have a lot of benefits to gain. Happy marketing!


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