Need better clients? It’s all about positioning!

imageforblogFor a long time, I would take on just about any client- no matter what their budget.  My thinking was, even $300 is better than nothing.  But what i didn’t understand is that I would find myself working much harder for that $300/month client than I would, for the clients I now charge $1000 & up.

What i’m trying to say, is that with a little positioning, you can command whatever rates you want – as long as you can back it up with results.  Positioning yourself as an expert is easy actually.  But you can’t fake it to make it.  Here’s how you gain instant credibility with your target audience and command the big bucks.

1.  Build up your blog– and write about topics that speak directly to your target audience.  If you want to target attorneys, you need to have an understanding on how attorney lead gen works, and then create some awesome content around it.

2. Come up with AWESOME giveaway!  It can be an ebook, or video series on generating leads through Facebook or LinkedIn, or even a “done for you” lead capture page where the person just uploads their logo and re-brands it.    Give away something that they will use and find value it.   I give away a free monthly subscription to our small business marketing guide.

The giveaway can be anything just make sure it’s something useful.  Not rehashed garbage that you can find for free on the Warrior forum.  It must be high quality.   The first thing you need to do in order to command higher prices,  is hold yourself to a higher standard.  Your clients will expect it.   But the good news is it’s not hard to deliver leads, or generate SEO results.

3. Give that freebie out to your target audience.  Set up nice looking squeeze page to direct your prospects to.   Rather than contact business owners through email, try hitting them up on Facebook, or better yet, start a small FB ads (newsfeed) campaign.  Dial in your target audience, and give it away for free (for an optin). Set the daily limit at $5-$10.  You’ll get quite a lot of clicks if you keep it locally based.

4. Follow up with all the new leads that subscribed to your list.  But DON’T treat your offline list like a traditional IM or MMO niche.  With these niches you can email your subscribers daily, and still keep a low unsubscribe rate.  *This is not the case for offline business.  They get INUNDATED with 100’s of emails per day and the LAST thing you want to do is give them the wrong impression – even if it’s great content.  Limit your emails to once per week.  2 times if you have something really spectacular to tell them about.

I have my auto responder set up with 52 weeks of weekly emails on various topics that small business owners will find useful like

Why your business should use Twitter
Mobile marketing mistakes
Using LinkedIn to make business connections
How to set up a good LinkedIn profile
Is PPC right for my busienss?
How often should I update my content?
Using a blog to get more traffic

Benefits of a good newsletter
Does Facebook really work for businesses?

SEO Myths

Etc. Etc.

You get the point.  Every week, when they see my email they know that it’s good stuff that they’ll probably want to know about.   Then just sprinkle in monthly specials & viola!

Another thing you can do is send an email out, and and “approve” them all for affiliate status – Offer $200 for every new lead they send you that signs an agreement with you. Hey… If they don’t become a client, why not give them incentive to send you qualified referrals right?

Build up your list and keep on delivering useful tips & advice they can use in their business on a weekly basis.  You’ll be doing something that 99% of your competition is not.  Watch your phone start ringing and money start piling up in the bank!





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