Use safeswaps? STOP! Here’s a damn good solo ad rolodex!

stopA fellow marketer who I really respect, James Francis came up with a great resource for solo ads.  A lot of people have trouble finding the right solo ad providers, and waste a lot of money too.  Myself included.  But it’s nice to see a couple of the providers I’ve worked with made James list.

Please remember that I’m only providing this information to help you, and by using this information you agree that I’m not responsible for your results.

The best strategy would be to work down from the top, as I’ve listed the solo ads in order of traffic quality…

Very High Quality (Use These First)

Peter Paul – http://peterpaulmarketing.com/soloads
Cal Champlin – http://www.calchamplin.com/solo_ads.html
Dennis Pippin – http://ads90.com/
Andreea Carol – http://www.nolimitmind.com/solo-ads.html
Angelo Sayson – http://www.angelosayson.com/soloads/
Jeanette Bailey – http://www.easybusinesstapping.com/soloads/
Igor Kheifets – Click Here
Dr Benny Morris – http://drbennymarketing.com/solo-ads
Nataliya Piterova – http://properebooks.com/soloads/

Gary L Lewis – http://www.garyllewis.com/soloads.html
Kevin Fahey – http://isellsubs.com/
Heimir Finnson – http://heimirfinnson.com/solo-ads/
Alex Fields – http://thecoachingmasters.com/solos/
Emilis Strimaitis – http://www.strimaitis.com/
Frank Dang – http://www.thebestsoloads.com/frank/
Brian Castro – http://brian-castro.com/solo/
Brocha Weiss – http://explosivetrafficvideos.com/solo_ads/
JT Martin – http://jtlikes.com/soloads/
Sean Storey – http://www.rapidsuccessformula.com/soloads.html
Phil Springer – http://im-empowered.com/soloads/
David Hyatt – http://david-hyatt.com/solo/
Keith Hyatt – http://keith-hyatt.com/solo/
Abel Chua – http://abel-chua.com/solo-ads/
Alex Fields – http://redpointprofits.com/solos/

Medium Quality (Worth A Try)

Wayne Dobson – http://solos.waynedobson.info/
Singing Steve Bermann – http://singingsteve.com/solo.html
Thomas Burke – http://fasttrafficboosters.com/SoloAdMailings/
Miranda Hyatt – http://miranda-hyatt.com/solo/

Haven’t Tried (Try These If You’d Like Even More Traffic)

Beatrice Brown – http://budurl.com/3sn4
Colm Wynne – http://www.colmwynne.com/SoloAdSale/
Brian Castro – http://www.brian-castro.com/solo/
Colin Meunier – http://www.colinmeunier.com/soloads/
Imran Qureshi – http://tinyurl.com/5tmdszy
Jeremy Gatica – http://im-ads.com/
Kenneth Kraakstad – http://kenneth-kraakstad.com/soloads.htm
Mark Gurney – http://www.onlineprofitsinc.com/soloadinfo/
Mark Lyford – http://lyfordmarketing.com/
Roy Fielding & Shane Purcell – http://www.iminstantclix.com/
Scott Stamper – http://www.soloads4sale.com/
Ryan And Bryan – http://ryanandbryan.com/frankandjc.html
Vince Craine – http://vincecraine.com/solos/
Craig Raphael – http://www.esourceinfo.com/advertising.html

Stay Away From These… (Terrible Results)

Ashley Gough, Bilaal Hussain, Holly Sutton, Jorge Delgado,
Randy Koelher, Vicki Nguyen, Chrisi Darrington, Oliver Bowen (Skype: “Oliver”), Joshua Bowen, Josh Simons.

Other Good Solo Ad Rolodexes

Solo Ads X (AWESOME!)
Reed Floren’s Solo Ad Directory
Anthony Tilley’s Solo Ad Directory

Recommendations courtesy of James Francis


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