What motivates you?

Earlier this week, I sent an email out to my list about a youtube video that really resonated with me.  The video itself, wasn’t all that exciting, in fact most of the action was kinda low resolution.  But I wasn’t watching the video.  I was listening to it.

Sometimes you hear something, that puts you in check.  Something that calls you out.  Something that puts everything that you’re doing, into perspective.  This particular guy was speaking to me…. And i needed to hear it.  Why?  Because I’m my worst enemy.  The reason I succeed or fail, directly falls on my shoulders and sometimes I like to take the easy road and coast a while.

Sometimse for whatever reason, you get complaisant in your job or your business.  The cogs are moving, but mentally you checked out.  When you loose your drive, you settle for “good enough” and good enough is just treading water.  Is that where you want to be?

But time is short and I have big goals for this year & the rest of my life.  I hope you do too.  And this video gave me the kick in the ass I needed to keep reaching, progressing, sharing and learning to take my business to the next level.   That’s what motivates me.   So that’s what I what I want to know from you –

What is it that motivates you?


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